Dog Print Scarves

What to buy someone who loves their dog more than they love most humans? Call off the search and have a mooch through our pooch-tastic presents. You’ll be sure to find the perfect scarf for your corgi-crazy cousin or your pug loving pal in our range of scarves for dog lovers!

Check out our extensive range of super-soft scarves. It includes Border Collie print scarves, Labrador print scarves, Whippet print scarves, French bulldog print scarves, Pug print scarves, Jack Russell print scarves, Beagle print scarves, Sausage Dog and Daschund Print Scarves and much more. You’ll have every special occasion wrapped up in no time!

 Whether it’s coming from you or their fur baby, buy a gift for a dog lover from Hayley & Co and claim the title of their favourite human!